2017 Events

August 13-18, 2017 – Santa Cruz, CA

1440 Multiversity Campus

Your One Wild and Precious Life, A Deepening Gathering for women

Women’s Circles and Sacred Feminine: A Women’s Retreat
“This workshop-retreat meets in a circle with a sacred center, and invokes the indomitable spirit of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and moon and archetype of the sister, midwife, and protector of the young – of all living things,” Jean Shinoda Bolen writes. “In the circle, we listen to myths and stories that come alive, and then shift into realizing that they are about us and our relationships and world. Deep insights can grow through an awareness of the sacred feminine – a legacy and lineage that was suppressed by patriarchy – and an awareness of being part of all that is, visible and invisible, of soul, energy, and substance. Circles are the means through which many women find they can say what is true for them, and be supported to do whatever it is that takes courage to do. This work is best done with love, hope, perseverance, trust, and optimism. Bring a journal, an open heart, a sense of adventure, listen to your dreams, and enter Esalen as if it were a dream in which you are the main character. Pay attention to synchronicities.”



October 26 - November 5, 2017
Argentina and Chile

Lecture:  Goddesses in Everywoman  (Las Diosas en Cada Mujer) 
October 26, Buenos Aires - October 31, Cordoba - November 4, Santiago, Chile

There are goddesses in every woman—these are qualities and patterns in ourselves and in the women in our lives. There is a deep recognition, an Aha! that comes with this insight. Remember classical Greek mythology? Hera, Demeter, Persephone whose stories are about relationships, or Artemis, Athena and Hestia who did not need relationships to define them, or Aphrodite, the alchemical goddess of love and beauty are archetypes in us. Some are welcomed, others not. Even before a girl is born and throughout her life, girls and women are shaped by expectations of others and by patriarchy.  Meanwhile, there are goddess-archetypes in us, that shape what is important to us.  When we know which goddesses are in us, we will know ourselves far better than before. We also begin to see the goddesses in other women.  These insights help men as well—when affinities, attraction, negative judgments are responses to these inner archetypes.  In their myths, we saw goddesses behaving badly, which are traits associated with certain archetypes: jealousy, vindictiveness, depression, helplessness, mercilessness, are shadow qualities. Knowing what is acting in us and on us provides insight that leads to Hecate, goddess of the crossroad.

Workshop: Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman            
  (Artemisa, El Espíritu Indómito de cada Mujer) 
October 28, Buenos Aires - November 1, Cordoba - November 5, Chile

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the Hunt and Moon. Her symbols are the bow and arrow, the crescent moon, and mother bear; her realm is the wilderness. This is the archetype of the activist on behalf of girls and women, social justice, animals, trees, the environment. She is an explorer of the metaphoric wilderness, as well as being drawn to nature. Her curiosity draws her into unknown terrain.  As twin and older sister to Apollo, she is competitive, has a sense of equality with men and sisterhood with women.  The moon aspect of Artemis is the spiritual and mystical oneness she can feel in nature. This archetype may be active all her life, and can be recognized in the phases of the moon as she grows older.  Artemis-Selene-Hecate—each moon goddess is an aspect of womanhood: young woman, mature woman, wisewoman.  In this workshop, participants will hear stories of Artemis and of women who personified aspects of her. They will recognize Artemis in themselves or in others, and realize the positive qualities and the difficulties associated with this archetype.  They will have an opportunity to meet and talk in small circles to share what they now recognize as positive and negative aspects of this archetype.


April 6-7, 2018 - Boston, MA
C.G. Jung Institute Boston

April 6, Lecture :  Catching Fire: Imagination, Creativity, Activism Imagination precedes change—psyche is activated by stories, role models, and dreams that touch soul. Passion and imagination precedes creativity, healing, activism on behalf of ourselves and others. Compassionate action is spiritual activism. Fierce compassion says “enough is enough!” Outrage in defense of what and who we love is mother bear activism or the protective masculine that finds the strength to rise up to save what we love, a precious part of ourselves or of our world.  It takes courage and love for a vision of who we could be, or what we could do-- to catch fire.    

April 7, Workshop: Your One Wild and Precious Life
The premise of Jean’s Jungian and spiritual perspective begins with the certainty that it matters what we do with our “one wild and precious life,” a quote from the poet, Mary Oliver. Most of us have an innate sense that there is a purpose to life related to the idea that life is a soul journey. To do what we came to do and be who we were meant to be is not so easy.  Especially in the midst of unchosen circumstance. Vulnerability and loss are both mythic and deeply personal experiences--as is aging.  What now? Jung’s individuation, Campbell’s finding your personal myth, the hero or heroine’s journey, Persephone’s abduction into the underworld, Hecate at the crossroad, Atalanta-Artemis in the wilderness, are archetypal patterns that can provide insights to support us on our journeys. 

Info:  www.cgjungboston.com

May 18-20, 2018:  Big Sur CA
Esalen Institute – Women's Weekend Retreat

Grail, Goddess, Circles and the Sacred Feminine
The grail and goddesses are archetypes, symbols with depth and meaning. In this workshop, Jean Shinoda Bolen will bring us into the legendary, mythic and spiritual realm of the sacred feminine. Cut off from sources of meaning, without a connection to the feminine principle, the Tao or the Self, the inner landscape of men and women becomes a wasteland. The wounded Fisher King and the abduction of Persephone are metaphors for depression, alienation, life-threatening illness, and addictions on a personal level, that are related to the loss of creativity, spontaneity, and love. These are also metaphors for what ails the planet. We will listen to Jean tell stories, participate in a guided meditation and in circles with a sacred center. This workshop will provide opportunities to be in touch with inner sources of wisdom and compassion, encourage creating circles, and inspire
possibilities of change and transformation.
Location: Esalen Institute, 
55000 Highway 1, 
Big Sur, CA 93920

May 27-June 1, 2018 – Asheville, NC
The Haden Institute
Haden Summer Dream and Spirituality Conference

Keynote:  Reflections about the Soul and the Journey:  How Did You Get Here?  How Did I Get Here?

Each of us has a personal narrative of how we got here—“here” meaning to this Jungian oriented Dream and Spirituality conference as a time for reflection upon the soul and Self. Every individual soul journey has had its own unique twists and turns, a path can be seen as spiral or labyrinthine. The tension or integration of opposites is inner work, between spirituality and religion, between gnosis and logos, between perceptions of the invisible and visible. I sometimes say tongue in cheek, and in truth, that my religious orientation is “Episcopagan” which reflects my own journey from Presbyterian and Girl Scout, to Episcopalian and Jungian, to a spirituality without labels.   

Workshop:  Reflections on the Soul and the Journey: Questions and Amplifications

I would like each of these workshops to grow out of a Q & A (Amplification) format. To participants: after you hear my plenary talk, what do you want to hear more about?  I like to answer a specific question, or respond to an archetypal dream and put these into a broader context. If a myth or a biblical story comes to my mind, I would tell it and why. 
Location:  Kanuga Conference Center
Blue Ridge Mountains
Asheville, NC
Registration Info:  828-692-9136  www.hadeninstitute.com

August 24-26, 2018 – London, UK

Worcester College, University of Oxford
Lecture Titles by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. and Monika Wikman, Ph.D:

"Emergence of Feminine Wisdom and the End of Patriarchy: the Process of Evolutionary Change in Individuals and Humanity” — Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.,

 Link: website: jeanshinodabolen.com 

"The Spirit of these Times meets the Spirit of the Depths: Emergent Dreams Revisioning the Collective and Individual Psyche” — Monika Wikman, Ph.D.
Links: podcast: http://shrinkrapradio.com/540-orienting-through-dreams-in-these-dark-times-with-jungian-analyst-monika-wikman/
website: monikwikman.com 

Info:  Guild of Pastoral Psychology Oxford Conference 2018