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Excerpts from Jean Shinoda Bolen's Keynote
"Peaceful Labyrinth Can Call You to Action" 
presented at the Gathering of the International Labyrinth Society
Parksville, Vancouver, Canada

Web Interviews

Full Power Living with Ilene L. Dillon, Host (World Talk Radio) 
Crones Don't Whine: A Visit With Jean Shinoda (Jan. 25, 2007)

Autonomy and Gratitude Can Make Life Juicy?
Who Can Be a Crone: The Advantages of Being Woman
Three Rules for Accepting Invitations

Joan Kenley Show: Conversations that Matter
How Gathering the Women Can Save the World (Oct. 14, 2006)

With Internationally Acclaimed Author - Jean Shinoda Bolen Internationally Acclaimed Author - Isabel Allende New Dimensions Radio Co-Founder - Justine Toms